Benefits of organic cotton

Although cotton is a very natural fabric and a widely traded commodity it is known that there is a huge amount of crop chemicals and pesticides used on cotton cultivations. Unlike conventional cotton, crops of organic cotton are cultivated naturally. They are not sprayed with chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. That's why it's essential for people to realize the benefits of organic cotton where emphasis is put on the soil which is free of synthetic pesticides. As a result it remains healthy and widely productive.

Organic cottonThe methods of cultivation have less impact on the environment and on people working in the fields. All the fields are naturally fertilized, weeds are removed with tractors or even manually and above all natural enemies are used for insect management. We should also bare in mind that the certification of organic cotton is based upon strict regulations. That is why it takes at least three consecutive years for a crop to be certified as organic.

It is essential to understand the differences between clothes made of conventional cotton and clothes made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is pure, natural and more breathable for delicate skin, especially for babies' skin. Chemically treated clothing or bedding usually trap heat and prevent it from breathing. As a result clothes absorbs moisture which can be irritating for the skin. Organic clothes are softer, more comfortable and last longer due to their natural composition.

Organic Cotton