Protect Your Baby from Chemicals with Organic Baby Clothes

Most parents do their best to protect their children from dangers. Unfortunately, many loving parents have exposed their children to cancer-causing chemicals simply because they've dressed their precious babies in conventional outfits instead of organic baby clothes.

Organic Baby ClothesAnyone who's ever had a baby knows how sensitive an infant's skin is. After all, they're brand-new in the world! They haven't had time to build up the kind of natural protections and antibodies that grown-ups and older siblings have. This natural sensitivity can become a real hazard when infants are dressed in baby clothes made of materials containing harmful dyes, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Fortunately more and more companies that make and sell baby clothes are doing a better job of eliminating harmful chemicals from their products. However, many types of clothing for infants are still made with bleaches and dyes, and carry residues from harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

For example, most parents aren't aware that five of the nine pesticides most commonly used in cotton farming cause cancer. These culprits are trifluralin, naled, cyanazine, dicofol and propargite. What's more, these chemicals don't wash out of Baby's clothes.

Organic Baby ClothesIt isn't that farmers and manufacturers aren't aware of these dangers. More than 20 years ago the National Cancer Institute conducted a study that showed children whose parents used pesticides in their homes or gardens were seven times more at risk of having leukaemia than other children. Even with the greater-than-average cost of more organic clothing, the risk of a precious child developing cancer from pesticide contamination in their clothing is too high a price to pay.

Clothing that's been treated with chemicals typically traps more heat so the fabric doesn't breathe. Such clothes absorb more moisture, leading to skin irritation and rashes, especially in infants and children. In contrast to conventional clothing, organic cotton is more pure and more breathable for babies' delicate skin. Clothes made from organically grown fabrics are softer and more comfortable for children. They also last longer, making them worth the investment.

Buying baby clothes made from 100 percent organic fabric protects children from harmful chemicals today, and it protects the planet so that our children have a brighter, safer future.